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Hoop Life History



Hoop Life was started in 2004 under the trade name “The House of Hoops” solely as an individual basketball training organization from a desire to revive fundamental basketball skills in the game of basketball. 


Our founder, Kevin Harris, noticed fundamental skills were something that was lacking in the game of basketball. People would always interrupt him working out for his upcoming college or pro season to ask if he would train them.   The times he agreed, he noticed that he had spent more time working with them than he had working on his own preparation.  The reoccurring situation planted a seed to the idea of potentially helping people full time if the opportunity ever presented itself.  


As former college and professional basketball player, our founder understood the value of hard work and dedication towards perfecting one’s craft.  He played on several teams some of which he was the last man off the bench and others where he was the star of the team.  However, one thing he realized early was that basketball was not about how you started but how you finished and that your beginning does not have to be your end.  Therefore, as a player he dedicated himself to improving through practice and it always paid off.   That lesson as a player gave him the motivation to teach other players with confidence knowing that if they dedicated themselves and worked hard, that they could improve their basketball skills.  It was through that guiding principle that Hoop Life was birthed.


Hoop Life began solely as an individual training organization.  However, we have added several other facets to what we offer transforming us from just a basketball training organization to a basketball service company.  Today we offer private & group basketball training, basketball classes, basketball team development, SPARQ training, strength & conditioning, basketball skill development & coaching clinics, camps, after school programs, basketball tournaments & leagues, and basketball teams. 

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