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About Us



We are a basketball service company.  We offer a complete array of basketball services to address any individual's basketball needs. We have been helping basketball players realize their basketball aspirations for over 11 years.  Many of the players that have come through our programs have received basketball scholarships and professional basketball contracts.  Our programs serve players starting at the age of 3 up throughout adulthood. Our staff is composed of trainers and coaches with real life playing or coaching experience that ranges up to the NBA.  


We are proud to be the official basketball services provider for the City of Alexandria Recreation Department, Annandale Boys's & Girls Club, Filipino Youth Basketball Association, Sport & Health Club, Inc., and many others.  We operate primarily in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.


Our services include the following:


  • Private, Small Group & Team Basketball Training

  • Basketball Skills Academy

  • Basketball Classes & Clinics

  • Basketball Camps

  • After School Programs

  • Basketball Tournaments & Leagues

  • AAU Teams 



Our Mission:

To empower people to realize their aspirations by equipping them with the necessary skills and information to achieve their goals and to provide opportunities for them to showcase their abilities.


Our Vision:


To be an all-encompassing basketball organization where an individual can come and get all their basketball related needs fulfilled.






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