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The Guaranteed Way To Make Any Basketball Team

  • Play Defense: First know that you can only play at the level you can defend. A coach can hide a player on offense but not on defense. A player can go a whole game and never touch the ball let alone shoot. However, everyone has to guard somebody at some point. No coach wants a defensive liability. Therefore, show your desire, commitment, and ability to play defense by guarding your man full court. You will standout like a single candle in a dark room because all the other players will be trying to impress the coach with their offensive abilities. However, he will see what every championship team needs inside of you, a great defender. The moral of the story is D-Up!

  • KISS (Keep It Simple Son): Don't do too much. Many players mess up at tryouts by being too fancy. If you are open, shoot it. If someone else is open, don't make a behind the back pass when a simple bounce pass will do. Highlights are a small portion of the game that's why so few happen in a game. Keep the game simple. It will demonstrate that you have a high basketball IQ.

  • Understand It's Ok to Make Mistakes: Many players enter a tryout thinking they will have to play perfect to make the team. The result is tentativeness. Coaches know that you are not a robot. No one makes all their shots. Sometimes you will lose the ball trying to make a move. It's ok. It is not the end of the world. Mistakes are a part of the game. NBA players make mistakes. Why would a coach expect anything more from you?

  • Know your game and play it: Play to your strengths and not your weaknesses. Think about this. If Shaq decided that he was going to shoot 3 pointers instead of posting up, he would not look like a good or smart player. You don't have to be good at everything to make a team. Players have different roles on a team. Most of the time your role will involve you using your strengths. Therefore, display them so the coach knows what they are. Good players know their strengths. Great players understand their weaknesses and are able to be successful on the court inspite of them because they play to their strengths.

God sped at tryouts!

Please share this with anyone that you know that is planning to tryout for a basketball team.

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