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Welcome to Hoop Life Inc. Our mission is to develop and equip youth with vital athletic, academic, social, and economic skills through integrity, compassion, respect, love, and expertise to enable them to flourish in society and achieve any positive success they aspire toward. Hoop Life wants to develop the whole athlete. We recognize that basketball plays a minor role in life. Therefore, if a player only develops their hoop game then they will lose in the greatest game called life. As a result, we offer a wide variety of programs aimed not only at basketball skill development but life development as well. Our motto is “where the lines around the hoops end, life begins”. We want to prepare players for both the hoop and life. These areas are the main divisions of Hoop Life, Inc.


The House Of Hoops

The House Of Hoops

We have our Hoop division, which operates under the name of “The House of Hoops”, and creates programs to enhance the basketball skills of the youth involved with our organization. The House of Hoops offers basketball camps, clinics, after school programs, private trainings, AAU teams, youth/adult leagues, lectures, and recruiting services. We have a top notch experienced coaching staff to ensure the improvement of any child involved in any of our programs. Our coaches have played and/or coached on different levels of basketball such as the NBA, CBA, WNBA, college, high school, etc.


Life Division

Our Life division aims to develop the non-basketball aspects of the children’s lives that are apart of our organization. These aspects include academic achievement, social interaction, and economic awareness. We plan to develop these aspects through tutoring, mentorship, and entrepreneurial training programs. It is important for children to understand that basketball is only a game and that life does not end when they leave the court. Only small portions of players get an opportunity to realize their basketball aspirations. Therefore, our Life division is interested in equipping children with the necessary academic, social, and economic skills to allow them to continue a successful life regardless of how and when their basketball career ends. Our two organizational divisions combined form Hoop Life, an organization concerned with children, basketball, life, and well roundedness. Join one of our programs and permit us to add another dimension to your child’s life.